Cheat.Whatever It Takes! Next Krav Maga Workshop.


Following on from the success of Krav Maga Workshop 2 at Fight Fortress this Friday 9th March, we are pleased to announce the date of the next one, “CHEAT! WHATEVER IT TAKES!” will take place at 6.30pm, Friday 20th April 2018 at the one and only Simon Morrell’s Fight Fortress Combat Academy. Full booking details to follow. #kravmaga #kravmagatraining #dirtyfighting #martialarts #fighting #fight #fighttowin #whateverittakes #karate #kickboxing #wrestling #unarmedcombat #selfprotection #combat #selfdefence #boxing


Female Krav Maga Instructors & Warriors

I am proud of everyone of our students, in particular those who made or are making the converted Dan Grade. Media coverage of Fight Fortress and our female warriors…with a nod to us mere males as well 🙇#kravmaga #Karate #Kickboxing #femalekravmaga #femalefighters #femalekarate #femalekickboxing #ladiesselfdefence #ladieskravmaga #ladieskickboxing #media #martialartsmedia

Successful Fight Fortress Belt Test

Friday 16th Feb proved to be a great night at Fight Fortress with an almost 100% pass rate at the three gradings taking place.

First up was our wonderful Kickstart Kids (4-6 years) who all passed with flying colours demonstrating great technique and attitude. This was followed by Winning Edge Kickboxing Kids who also showed a great attitude, completing the grading with excellent sparring matches.

To round up the night we had Adult Kickboxing & Krav Maga with our famous Survival rounds to close the night. Everyone showed great spirit, encouraging each other and pushing each other hard.

If you wish to join our winning team then please make contact now and receive your first month’s training, uniform, membership and insurance free of charge!

Krav Maga Workshop for March 2018

Our latest Krav Maga workshop is open to all over 15 years regardless of experience, grade or affiliation. The topic this time will be Third Party Protection (Keep Your family Safe!) based on Simon’s training in Executive VIP Protection, Close Quarter combat and his own real life experiences. The date of this course is Friday 9th March at 7pm, the venue Fight Fortress in Towyn, North Wales ( 2mile from Rhyl). Cost is 25 pounds for non-members and 20 pounds for members. Inbox to book or go online to  See the video below for a taster of what you can expect. Then book online using the Pay Now button.

Krav Maga Workshop (March 2018 Non-member) 7pm class.) £25.00

KM WS March 2018 payment

Krav Maga Workshop (March 2018 Member) 7pm class.) £20.00

KM WS March 2018 payment

Luka Jake Morrell, 3rd Dan and first female F.F. Krav Maga/Kickboxer Black Belt in Wales.

Our latest You Tube video shows Luka Jake Morrell piling the pressure on in a Kickboxing round at Fight Fortress.

Luka Jake and Simon Morrell at Florida's Pound for Pound, training in the ring
Luka Jake and Simon Morrell at Florida’s Pound for Pound, training in the ring

Filmed after an hour long technique based session, here Luka stand right i front of her opponent, an ex-forces boxer with 36 bouts under his belt and takes the round to him, not letting up for a second.

Ladies? Be like Luka. A tough but sweet nut to crack. Luka will be at Fight Fortress of Friday 9th February to put the Black Belt candidates to test.

View Luka’s Kickboxing round here

What the NY Post said about Simon

The New York Daily Post says “From Bullied to Black Belt is England’s gut-wrenching answer to the bullying problem plaguing American youth.” Book Simon for Self Defence and/or non-physical Fear Control courses at He CAN and WILL help.

A Black Belt’s Journey.

Black Belts, Fear & Preparation.

As we approach the yearly Black Belt grading at Fight Fortress my mind is wandering back to my own journey and in particular, my own Black Belt tests. There is absolutely no excuse for not working hard if you want to get though when the going really gets tough. Sacrifices have to be made, heartache endured and pain tolerated. My own ‘menu’ and the rewards gained looked something like this;

I don’t like early mornings, especially cold ones. Further, I dislike running even more. Knowing this would expose me to hardship and knowing a Black Belt would be probably the biggest hardship I have ever faced, my alarm was set for 6am and I took to the streets, two to three times a week deliberately setting four miles with sprints. The distance for endurance, the sprints for speed and anaerobic training.

My run would come to a close along a cold, harsh sea front with the wind forcing me back and the spray from a freezing sea washing over me. The run would finish with two sets of circuits (body resistance) before a welcome breakfast and a hot, hot shower.

The evening session (six times a week) would consist of hard sparring, pad work, weights and unarmed combat training. Did I need to be so committed? You tell me. Come grading day and as we entered the last round of kickboxing, I felt my energy sap. What was even worse was with about a minute to go I got caught with an absolute perfect spinning back kick to my solar plexus.

Continue reading A Black Belt’s Journey.

Krav Maga, Wrestling & Kickboxing all together to make a complete self-protection seminar in Chester and Wrexham.

We will shortly be running two Seminars in Chester & Wrexham, covering Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Wrestling and Third Party protection to make a complete Self -Protection Seminar.

This unique ‘Shugyo’ (austere, tough training) event will be taken by 6th Dan.  Black Belt Simon Morrell who will also give his exclusive Despite the Fear talk.

Simon says; “Fear is a big part of Combat Arts that is overlooked, usually because an instructor doesn’t;t really know how to address it or quite simply because it is ‘palatble’ for students.

If you really want to learn.  How to defend yourself it is imperative you address fears and this course will show you how to.’

As well as the Fear Control section, the physical side of the course will cover Close Qaurter Combat, Closing the ranges,  Knife Control, Gun Disarms and Protecting Your Loved Ones.

If you are interested in attending, please email or call 0778606 1567 for more details. You won’t be dissapointed…

Film Producer Wanted.

From Bullied to Black Belt; Having been let down by several producers (some of them quite literally making promises they couldn’t uphold) in the quest to bring our story to film, we find ourselves yet again at stake one, starting over from the beginning.

That’s okay, we are tenacious in our desire to make this happen. If you are a producer, script writer or involved in films in any capacity and would consider looking at the story the Film Agency for Wales called ‘ The U.K.’s Rocky Balboa’ then please make contact via

The book was awarded a publishing contract by a U.S.A. Publishing Company to be re-released in 2019 following much success as an independent release.

You can view the trailer, filmed in the U.S.A. here

Brand New Fight Fortress Introduction Video

We have now completed and published an introduction video for people who are interested in joining us at Simon Morrell’s Fight Fortress Combat & Fitness Academy.

The short film takes the viewer through some of the drills thay can expect to learn at our classes including Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Fitness and Self Defence. This video is aimed at the adult classes with a special video for our children’s classes to follow.

You can view the video here

Latest Fight Fortress You Tube Video

Although Kata is not something we practice in earnest at Fight Fortress (although we have a healthy respect for it) we do drill forms which help develop skills, technique, stance and co-ordination.

in this latest You Tube video (taken from the achieves), Chief Instructor Simon Morrell takes you through Form Number 8.

Please feel free to drill it, share the video and spread the word.

You can view it here

Instructor/Advance Grade Training

In August 2018 we will be running our Instructor/Advanced Grade Training Seminar. The course will run from Tuesday 7th August until Friday 10th August then recommence Tuesday 14th August concluding on Saturday 18th August. If you wish to qualify as an Instructor in Concepts of Krav Maga, Practical Karate, Kickboxing & Self Defence under 6th Dan Simon Morrell then this course is for you.
We are also opening the course to people who just want the opportunity to train with Simon and they can do so for either one or two weeks (the two weeks need to be completed for Instructor qualification.) We are also offering the chance  to grade under Simon.
We are located in beautiful North Wales, literally seconds from the sea and minutes from the mountains with nightlife in between. We can also arrange accommodation for you should you require. If you are interested in this life changing experience then inbox or email and we can forward you further details.

Krav Maga Instructor & Martial Arts Public Speaker

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