Krav Maga, Wrestling & Kickboxing all together to make a complete self-protection seminar in Chester and Wrexham.

We will shortly be running two Seminars in Chester & Wrexham, covering Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Wrestling and Third Party protection to make a complete Self -Protection Seminar.

This unique ‘Shugyo’ (austere, tough training) event will be taken by 6th Dan.  Black Belt Simon Morrell who will also give his exclusive Despite the Fear talk.

Simon says; “Fear is a big part of Combat Arts that is overlooked, usually because an instructor doesn’t;t really know how to address it or quite simply because it is ‘palatble’ for students.

If you really want to learn.  How to defend yourself it is imperative you address fears and this course will show you how to.’

As well as the Fear Control section, the physical side of the course will cover Close Qaurter Combat, Closing the ranges,  Knife Control, Gun Disarms and Protecting Your Loved Ones.

If you are interested in attending, please email or call 0778606 1567 for more details. You won’t be dissapointed…

Film Producer Wanted.

From Bullied to Black Belt; Having been let down by several producers (some of them quite literally making promises they couldn’t uphold) in the quest to bring our story to film, we find ourselves yet again at stake one, starting over from the beginning.

That’s okay, we are tenacious in our desire to make this happen. If you are a producer, script writer or involved in films in any capacity and would consider looking at the story the Film Agency for Wales called ‘ The U.K.’s Rocky Balboa’ then please make contact via

The book was awarded a publishing contract by a U.S.A. Publishing Company to be re-released in 2019 following much success as an independent release.

You can view the trailer, filmed in the U.S.A. here

Brand New Fight Fortress Introduction Video

We have now completed and published an introduction video for people who are interested in joining us at Simon Morrell’s Fight Fortress Combat & Fitness Academy.

The short film takes the viewer through some of the drills thay can expect to learn at our classes including Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Fitness and Self Defence. This video is aimed at the adult classes with a special video for our children’s classes to follow.

You can view the video here

Latest Fight Fortress You Tube Video

Although Kata is not something we practice in earnest at Fight Fortress (although we have a healthy respect for it) we do drill forms which help develop skills, technique, stance and co-ordination.

in this latest You Tube video (taken from the achieves), Chief Instructor Simon Morrell takes you through Form Number 8.

Please feel free to drill it, share the video and spread the word.

You can view it here

Instructor/Advance Grade Training

In August 2018 we will be running our Instructor/Advanced Grade Training Seminar. The course will run from Tuesday 7th August until Friday 10th August then recommence Tuesday 14th August concluding on Saturday 18th August. If you wish to qualify as an Instructor in Concepts of Krav Maga, Practical Karate, Kickboxing & Self Defence under 6th Dan Simon Morrell then this course is for you.
We are also opening the course to people who just want the opportunity to train with Simon and they can do so for either one or two weeks (the two weeks need to be completed for Instructor qualification.) We are also offering the chance  to grade under Simon.
We are located in beautiful North Wales, literally seconds from the sea and minutes from the mountains with nightlife in between. We can also arrange accommodation for you should you require. If you are interested in this life changing experience then inbox or email and we can forward you further details.

Sticks ‘n Stones, notes on a life…

Sticks ‘n Stones, notes on a life…Everything from Fear, failure, triumph and success. Sticks ‘n Stones by Simon Morrell will@be available as a free e-book in early spring. For your copy register at #fear #failure #success #triumph #adversity #agoraphobia #panicattacks #bullying #bullied #bully #winning

Roar Ladies Self Defence Program

Roar Like a Lioness is just one of the exciting events we have lined up at Fight Fortress this year.

BCA Senior Self Protection Instructor Simon Morrell will be holding the first of the years official Fight Fortress Roar, Ladies Self Defence course. This course is a must for ladies who are serious about their personal safety and self defence skills. Amongst other skills you will be taught;


Simon recently wrote for the USA’s Huffington Post on the subject of abuse, predators and keeping safe and this is a unique opportunity to learn from the man himself.

Costs for the course are kept at a minimum and are as follows;

Fight Fortress members; £20.00 Non-members £25.00

Use the lniks below to secure your place or call Julie on 0778606 1567 to discuss other payment methods.

Covering hit and run, escape & evade and breakaway techniques, its a must for personal safety. Book online at members twenty pounds, non members twenty five pounds.

Members book here;

Roar Like a Lioness Member 2nd Feb 2018

Members book here;

Roar Like a Lioness Non-member 2nd Feb 2018