Simon talks about his new book ‘I, Bully.’

Simon talks about his latest book 'I,Bully.'
Simon talks about his latest book ‘I,Bully.’

As we approach the release date of ‘I, Bully’ Simon writes here and says a few words about the story and his plans to turn it into a global best seller with an important message. Simon;

“Following on from the success of ‘From Bullied to Black Belt’ I toyed with the idea of writing in a fictional version from a different angle, a different view point but for a long while (years) I struggled with the concept and how to approach it. It was only when I spoke with one of my sons about it that I realised the answer was staring me right in the face, it is Ltd from the view point of the bully himself! As I understand it there has never been a book told from this point of view although there have been many fine, touching and uplifting stories of the victims.

However, approaching this new point of view held challenges in itself. Although it is fictional and I have maybe more licence with it than a true story, there are obviously comparisons to real life and I felt no need at all to drag families through the mill unnecessarily. I felt no need to go overboard and exaggerate the plot and to be honest, it doesn’t really need that anyway. The story on it’s own is gritty, disturbing and emotional, that is what I wanted for it, for it’s characters.

The story itself focus upon Dominic Yates, a powerfully built, somewhat disturbed skin head who takes a violent dislike to the weak, delicate Daniel with terrifying consequences. Despite his dark side Dominic struggles and tries to become a better man but to find out if he does or not you will have to read the book!

Whilst a fictional character, Dominic Yates, a powerful skin head has overtures of real life people.
Whilst a fictional character, Dominic Yates, a powerful skin head has overtures of real life people.

One of the people who has reviewed it pre-release wrote that they saw it as a Shane Meadow’s film and I took this as a massive compliment. It took it’s toll writing it as there are obviously many comparisons to my own life so once it is published and we have been through all the media obligations to get it out there I would like to take a break from writing dark stories, maybe I have a light comedy inside me, we will have to wait and see!

Regarding the future of the book, my wife and I have a couple of options open to us. One is to publish independently which gives me a lot more control or we can have it published by one of the mainstream houses and that of course brings huge advantages as well. It is something we need to consider carefully but if we opt to go down the independent route then you can expect to see ‘I, Bully’ on the shelves and via Amazon by early Spring. A little later than we initially anticipated but I think it is going to be worth the wait!’

Please keep visiting back to this site for the final release date of what may well prove to be Simon’s biggest seller yet.