A great night at Fight Fortress

A fantastic Friday night at Fight Fortress was had by all in what Simon called “the best grading I have ever held.”Starting with Kickstart Kids, followed by Winning Edge Children’s Karate & Kickboxing, the night was bought to a close with the adult Krav Maga &a Kickboxing test. 

A 100% success rate was only achieved with some incredible hard work by the students who really stepped up to the plate. In the final minutes of the night our ‘grown ups’ pushed through their limits with Survival sessions which was closely followed by Kickboxing bouts. Earlier in the night the Young ‘Uns set the standard with their own display of self-defence, pad work, combinations and sparring. A great night indeed.

If you wish to join our winning team please contact Julie on 0778606 1567 and we will book you in for a free introduction class.