I, Bully gets it’s ‘light bulb’ moment as Simon finishes the novel.

Simon’s latest novel I, Bully is almost due for publication following a quite enlightening moment this week whilst he was tying to put it all together. Simon knew the book needed a dramatic piece, something that got people talking but he was struggling to find the right words and story. This is what he said about it;

“The book, Dominic Yates’ tale needed something. I was pleased with the work so far and more than happy with the character’s development but it lacked a ‘wow’ moment and I couldn’t seem to grasp it but then it became obvious.

I have always been truthful and open in my writing and this ethos led to Geoff Thompson saying my work was ‘refreshingly honest’ whilst Martial Arts Illustrated editor Bob Sykes called me ‘an amazing teacher, very transparent,’ which I took as a compliment.

So with this in mind, when Dominic’s ‘moment’ came to me I had no hesitation in putting it to paper. It is no secret that some years ago I abused alcohol (as a result of tremendous pressure and violence) so much so that when I decided to address the issue and stop the nonsense, I went into massive withdrawal.

I was hospitalised suffering from terrifying hallucinations that lasted days. Thankfully I recovered but years later I realised this was what I,Bully needed and so I wrote my experiences into Dominic’s own withdrawal. What you will read in the book is exactly what I ‘saw’ including attempts to rescue the Elephant Man from throat cutting thugs, wondering through the Mersey Tunnel in a desperate attempt to avoid time in Liverpool Jail and mischievous teenage girls trying to attack me and trust me, these are the more mild scenes I saw. To find out what else visited me you will have to read the book!

Seriously, I tried to put my horrific journey right into the soul of Dominic and I think I succeeded. I know I was honest when I wrote of his time.”

I, Bully will now be edited, sent to the publisher and be available in shops and online in time for Christmas but be warned, this is ain’t no fairy tale.