Simon win publishing contract for from Bullied to Black Belt but there is bad news…

We are absolutely  thrilled to announce that on the back of the publishing contract for I, Bully Simon has been awarded a second contract for his true story From Bullied to Black Belt.

The story tells of his batttle with bullies, violent people, his decline into agoraphobia and a life lived in fear before recovering quite remarkably to become one of the United Kingdom’s leading Martial Arts & Unarmed Combat Instructors.

However the deal comes at a price… The original version of the book will be withdrawn from sale as of 24th December 2017 whilst the new publishers revamp and re-edit the book to a new and exciting version. The new version WILL NOT be available in 2019 so if you want to read this inspiration and emotional tale then you will have to order before Christmas this year as after that it won’t be availbale for at least another twelve months.

You can order your copy for delivery worldwide here

View the trailer of the story (filmed in the USA sometime ago below;