Success at last bet test of the year.

Friday 24th November saw the last best test of the year at Fight Fortress and. Was a complete success with 100% passes. Starting with our Kickstart Kids (3-5 year olds) who showered tremendous character and discipline after having been taught by Fight Fortress Instructor Marianne Jackson all year.

This section was followed by our Winning Edge Kids Karate and Kickboxing which bought with it some excellent sparring, basics and self defence. The night was rounded off with Adult Krav Maga & Kickboxing with the skills shown by the adults a definite match for the bar the children’s classes bought.

At the end of each section awards were given for Student of the Year 2017 so special mention USA go to Joshua Jackson and Michelle Kervin for winning their group by giving 100% commitment throughout the year.

If you wish to enrol you or your child into our award winning classes for 2018 then please make contact via or by calling Julie on 07786 061567 and we will do our best to secure you a place.