Krav Maga, Wrestling & Kickboxing all together to make a complete self-protection seminar in Chester and Wrexham.

We will shortly be running two Seminars in Chester & Wrexham, covering Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Wrestling and Third Party protection to make a complete Self -Protection Seminar.

This unique ‘Shugyo’ (austere, tough training) event will be taken by 6th Dan.  Black Belt Simon Morrell who will also give his exclusive Despite the Fear talk.

Simon says; “Fear is a big part of Combat Arts that is overlooked, usually because an instructor doesn’t;t really know how to address it or quite simply because it is ‘palatble’ for students.

If you really want to learn.  How to defend yourself it is imperative you address fears and this course will show you how to.’

As well as the Fear Control section, the physical side of the course will cover Close Qaurter Combat, Closing the ranges,  Knife Control, Gun Disarms and Protecting Your Loved Ones.

If you are interested in attending, please email or call 0778606 1567 for more details. You won’t be dissapointed…