Luka Jake Morrell, 3rd Dan and first female F.F. Krav Maga/Kickboxer Black Belt in Wales.

Our latest You Tube video shows Luka Jake Morrell piling the pressure on in a Kickboxing round at Fight Fortress.

Luka Jake and Simon Morrell<span id=
at Florida’s Pound for Pound, training in the ring” width=”300″ height=”225″ /> Luka Jake and Simon Morrell at Florida’s Pound for Pound, training in the ring

Filmed after an hour long technique based session, here Luka stand right i front of her opponent, an ex-forces boxer with 36 bouts under his belt and takes the round to him, not letting up for a second.

Ladies? Be like Luka. A tough but sweet nut to crack. Luka will be at Fight Fortress of Friday 9th February to put the Black Belt candidates to test.

View Luka’s Kickboxing round here