Fighting Fit; A Drill for a Rainy Day.

Fighting Fit; A Drill for a Rainy Day.

Having just finished my solo drill at Fight Fortress, I thought I would share with you, all the session I did, which was also completed by the Fight Fortress Warriors at one of the classes this week.

It is a pretty straight forward but exhausting drill if done correctly. A partner or punchbag is essential as is a space of about 50 foot for sprints. Train safely but train honestly.

Start with 2 minutes of intense skipping followed by 25 press ups and 25 sit ups. Immediately after this go through a full stretching drill and then really hit the ground running. Full sprints to the bag/partner (the 50 foot rule) and throw 2 full contact punches, sprinting back to the starting point.

Take no break and repeat, increasingly the punches by 2 each time until 10 punches have been completed. This will be an anaerobic drill before hitting endurance.

Straight into horse stance for 20 punches then repeat the sprinting, this time coming down from 10 to 2.

On completion it is straight into the second set of 25 press ups and 25 sit ups. A quick break for fluids and the sprinting is repeated but the punches are swapped for full contact knee strikes, again 2-10, 10-2.

Follow this with another full stretch and then hit the bags/pads for 5 to minute rounds as follows.

Round one; hands only. Round two; add elbows and knees. Round three; change for kickboxing rounds with nice high kicks and then round four sees a full mix of punches, kicks, elbow and knee strikes. Finish on round five by returning to boxing only.

Luka Jake and Simon Morrell at Florida's Pound for Pound, training in the ring
Luka Jake and Simon Morrell at Florida’s Pound for Pound, training in the ring

A quick fluid break should be followed by the final 50 press ups and 50 sit ups and we complete with cooling down and stretching.

Done correctly this will really push you and increase endurance, aerobic and anaerobic levels and of course our Martial Arts/Boxing skills.

Remembers, we get what we put in so if you want results train lie you mean it.

Remember we have regular classes at Fight Fortress to suit everyone plus the chance to train privately with Simon Call Julie now to book in for your first free session.

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