Train on this unique seminar with one of the UK’s leading Instructors.

Book now to train with one of the UK’s leading Fight Coaches.

In January 2019 we will be offering the unique chance to train on a Fight Fortress Advance Course with Chief Instructor, Simon Morrell.
Simon has a massive wealth of Martial Arts experience and will be bringing it to the seminar to benefit you, the student.

Simon currently holds multiple Black Belts in Krav Maga, Practical Karate & Kickboxing and has graded to advance level in both Shotokan and Shukokai Karate.

As well as this he has experience in Boxing, is a qualified BAWA Wrestling Coach and an authority on Fear Control (as titled by Geoff Thompson).
He also has a massive experience bank in real time violence and so as such will be sharing stories on coping with a street encounter, spotting attack rituals and managing conflict.

The course is open to all, regardless of style, grade and affiliation. Students have the option of training one week only (£600) or two weeks (£1,050). Fight Fortress students can take a 10% discount and non members may qualify for a discount if making multiple bookings. Please call for details.

Attendees of Brown Belt and above (or equivalent in a non graded system), training on both weeks will be invited to test for their Instructor’s Certificate (no extra fee required).
Call Julie now on 07786061567 for more details or book online using the link below.


All on one fantastic seminar!


Please note we may be able to offer you payments by instalment. Please call for details.

One week (please specify which week you prefer); £600

Advance Training, Jan 2019 payment

Both weeks; £1,050

Advance Training, Jan 2019 payment

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