We Are Open All Summer!


Unlike other dojos and academies we will not be closing our doors for the summer holidays and remain commited to teaching the children (and adults) all year around.

Summer 2018 at Fight Fortress!

Dojo Dollars and Auction!

In Septemebr 2018 we will be holding a Karate Kids auction that wont cost you, the aprents and families a penny! 

We will be auctioning equipment, hoodies, tshirts and other goodies all paid for by Dojo Dollars. For every lesson your child attends during school summer break they will receive a Dojo Dollar bill which can be used to bid for the goods on offer. The prizes will go to the highest bidder! Simple. Get paid to train!

Karate Kids Competition!

In late August we will be holding a tournament exclusively for our own students. With a trophy for first place and Dojo Dollars for every child that takes part this will be a great event!

We will be putting a score system in place so that each grade has a fighting chance, even if they are fighting someone who is a higher grade than them. Also, the event will be produced in such a way that every entry will have at leat three fights! Entry forms will be given out in the month of July.

Self Defence Workshop/Bring a Buddy Day!

Just before the start of the tournament we will be holding a FREE kid’s self defence workshop. Our own students are welcome to invite a friend or relative to take part and any student bringing along a friend will receive (yes, that’s right) Dojo Dollars!

Don’t Waste Your Summer in Front of the TV!

Stay connected to Fight Fortress this summer by attending regular classes and all the great events we have planned. Let’s have a brilliant summer together and keep on track for your Black Belt. For some of you 2019 will be the year you take that  Black Belt so let’s keep at it!

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