Training ‘live’ at a dojo or gym is really the ideal way to learn our Self Defence skills but sometimes it just isn’t possible. Location, time restrictions or other commitments can all get in the way of benefiting from hand on hand training but we have an option for you to consider.
You can now subscribe to our online program which will deliver 12, once a month lessons direct to your PC or tablet. You will learn defensive tactics, strikes, escapes, holds and restraints. The methods taught are the best of Krav maga, Karate and Self-Protection.
You do not need any previous experience and a high level of fitness is NOT required. In fact you fitness levels will benefit from taking part in the program. All sessions will be taught by Simon himself and he will be available once a month for a Skype session in which you may ask him any questions you may have.

Online Training


We are now delighted to be able to offer several options for you to train in your own home or location in any of our systems. Be it the highly effective Self-Defence system of Krav Maga, our Sport Kick-Boxing or just general fitness, if you are an individual who is unable to commit to classes we can offer private One to One sessions with Simon. The beauty of these sessions is that you can chose whether you train at Fight Fortress in St Asaph, North Wales (U.K.) or whether you would like Simon to travel to your own location, be it your home, dojo etc. Some people find it more comfortable to have Simon visit and he is happy to do so, bringing with him the equipment needed, pads, shield etc.

The cost per lesson is £38.00 (one hour) or £120 for four if booked in advance. On top of this is Simon’s travel time/expenses, which we can quote you for on request. To book simply click here;

Single session.

Four sessions.


If you would like to host a Krav Maga Seminar at your own club or you have a group of you that would like to train together, please make contact with us and we can talk through your requirements and make the correct arrangements.

Krav Maga is suitable for all, be it members of the public, Door Supervisors, serving Police Officers/Military Personnel, men, women and children.

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