Simon Morrell’s Real Krav Maga & M.M.A. Association


We are currently seeking people throughout the U.K. and beyond to join our Real Krav Maga Association and become a fully qualified Krav Maga Instructor under leading Martial Artist Simon Morrell.

If you have two years experience in Martial Arts, Unarmed Combat, Boxing, Military or Police Force then you may qualify.

Typically experience in a striking or grappling art is an ideal background but if you have a comparable fighting method then get in touch and we can discuss your application.

We hold regular courses and seminars which cover topics such as;

Unarmed Combat & Defensive Tactics.
Gun Disarms & Control.
Knife Defences.
Battle Fit Drills.
Power Strikes.
Floor Defence.
Psychology of Fighting.

We also hold regular gradings and to a certain level can certify the grades of you and your students. Full insurance can be arranged.

As well as this, qualified instructors will receive full support in both technicals and marketing platforms.

Opportunities for Instructors are available in the following areas;
North & North West of England.
North Wales (some locations already taken).
South Wales (some locations under consideration).
Certain territories in Europe are available.

Get in touch today via to arrange an appointment in person or via telephone.

Simon Morrell’s Real Krav Maga & M.M.A. Association.

Krav Maga Instructor & Martial Arts Public Speaker

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