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Re-release of Simon’s incredible story ‘From Bullied to Black Belt’ bought forward.

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From Bullied to Black Belt as featured in the New York Daily Post.



An Everyday Warrior available now.


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‘I, Bully.’

Coming in Autumn 2018.

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‘I,Bully’ is a terrifying work of fiction with under-currents of true events entwined.

Dominic Yates is a violent, alcoholic skinĀ  head with an extreme hatred of his weaker enemy Daniel, a young man from the right side of town with all the breaks.

Dominic’s fury grows as he sees Daniel’s success do the same and with the aid of his ‘trolls’ he embarks on Monkey Shines and vows to take a terrible retribution on his foe.

Already pre-release reviews of this story for our times have compared it to Shane Meadow’s fantastic work with an ending that will shock the reader into their own submission.

The release date for ‘I,Bully’ will be announced in the summer of 2018.

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