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Now Under Development.

You can view the trailer below and buy the book here and the Kindle version here


Simon has plans to adapt his book An Everyday Warrior, the the sequel to ‘From Bullied To Black Belt’ into an adaption for television. The harrowing story tells of Simon’s battles to put right his Father’s sins, answering to hardcore gangsters and members of the IRA which led to his decline into heavy drinking and his yet again, remarkable comeback from adversity to become a 6th Dan Black Belt and three time Martial Arts Hall of Fame winner. Stay tuned for more details as we get them.

You can buy the paperback version of An Everyday Warrior here

Further Projects in Development.

It Only Takes a Phone Call

Simon is currently penning a short film It Only Takes a Phone Call. Set in a Northern British town it tells of Steven, a man torn between violence and turning the other cheek as he seeks to keep his family safe from harm whilst being goaded by an influential figure to take revenge. Detail to follow.

One More Round

This is Simon’s first play for stage and focuses on an ex-boxer and alcoholic  Mickey who talks frankly to his friend about missed chances, lost opportunities and redemption.

Your Chance to be Involved.

If you are involved in either short film or the theatre and would like the chance to work with Simon on It Only Takes a Phone Call and/or One More Round then please make contact by emailing your details to

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