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Cheat.Whatever It Takes! Next Krav Maga Workshop.


Following on from the success of Krav Maga Workshop 2 at Fight Fortress this Friday 9th March, we are pleased to announce the date of the next one, “CHEAT! WHATEVER IT TAKES!” will take place at 6.30pm, Friday 20th April 2018 at the one and only Simon Morrell’s Fight Fortress Combat Academy. Full booking details to follow. #kravmaga #kravmagatraining #dirtyfighting #martialarts #fighting #fight #fighttowin #whateverittakes #karate #kickboxing #wrestling #unarmedcombat #selfprotection #combat #selfdefence #boxing


What the NY Post said about Simon

The New York Daily Post says “From Bullied to Black Belt is England’s gut-wrenching answer to the bullying problem plaguing American youth.” Book Simon for Self Defence and/or non-physical Fear Control courses at www.simonmorrell.com He CAN and WILL help.

A Black Belt’s Journey.

Black Belts, Fear & Preparation.

As we approach the yearly Black Belt grading at Fight Fortress my mind is wandering back to my own journey and in particular, my own Black Belt tests. There is absolutely no excuse for not working hard if you want to get though when the going really gets tough. Sacrifices have to be made, heartache endured and pain tolerated. My own ‘menu’ and the rewards gained looked something like this;

I don’t like early mornings, especially cold ones. Further, I dislike running even more. Knowing this would expose me to hardship and knowing a Black Belt would be probably the biggest hardship I have ever faced, my alarm was set for 6am and I took to the streets, two to three times a week deliberately setting four miles with sprints. The distance for endurance, the sprints for speed and anaerobic training.

My run would come to a close along a cold, harsh sea front with the wind forcing me back and the spray from a freezing sea washing over me. The run would finish with two sets of circuits (body resistance) before a welcome breakfast and a hot, hot shower.

The evening session (six times a week) would consist of hard sparring, pad work, weights and unarmed combat training. Did I need to be so committed? You tell me. Come grading day and as we entered the last round of kickboxing, I felt my energy sap. What was even worse was with about a minute to go I got caught with an absolute perfect spinning back kick to my solar plexus.

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Latest Fight Fortress You Tube Video

Although Kata is not something we practice in earnest at Fight Fortress (although we have a healthy respect for it) we do drill forms which help develop skills, technique, stance and co-ordination.

in this latest You Tube video (taken from the achieves), Chief Instructor Simon Morrell takes you through Form Number 8.

Please feel free to drill it, share the video and spread the word.

You can view it here

Instructor/Advance Grade Training

In August 2018 we will be running our Instructor/Advanced Grade Training Seminar. The course will run from Tuesday 7th August until Friday 10th August then recommence Tuesday 14th August concluding on Saturday 18th August. If you wish to qualify as an Instructor in Concepts of Krav Maga, Practical Karate, Kickboxing & Self Defence under 6th Dan Simon Morrell then this course is for you.
We are also opening the course to people who just want the opportunity to train with Simon and they can do so for either one or two weeks (the two weeks need to be completed for Instructor qualification.) We are also offering the chance  to grade under Simon.
We are located in beautiful North Wales, literally seconds from the sea and minutes from the mountains with nightlife in between. We can also arrange accommodation for you should you require. If you are interested in this life changing experience then inbox or email info@simonmorrell.com and we can forward you further details.

Jail Time. Brand New Fitness Class Starts 19th January at Fight Fortress.

Ever Wondered What Its Like to be Locked Up?

Imagine being locked up in a cell where you can barely move? Desperate to get fit and healthy but not a weight, running machine or piece of CV equipment in site. You look down at your body and you realise; All you have is you.

Well here is the good news. YOU is all you need. With our brand new exclusive to Fight Fortress ‘Jail Time’ Fitness Program just you and a bottle of water is all that is required to get you in fighting, bail breaking shape.

Using only your own body weight, determination and the willingness to have fun, you can get fit, strong and healthy with this fantastic program.

Award winning Instructor Simon Morrell will take you on a 30 minute escape plan using aerobic and endurance techniques which will help with the following;



‘Jail Time’ is a series of exercise all based on time frames, i.e. you will work  as series of one minute intervals so how may reps you put in is up to you. This means there is no pressure to keep up with the ‘head of the wing.’ Simply do what you can and with Simon’s help, push yourself further each week and see how quickly yo progress to being able to ‘make it over the wall.’


Court is in session from 6pm on the 19th January at 6pm so come along and try a class. Your first session is £6.00 for Fight Fortress members and £7.00 for non-members. After your first session payment is then four lessons in advance.

Remember we are at;

Simon Morrell’s Fight Fortress Combat & Fitness Academy.

1 Gors Road, Towyn, LL22 9LS>

 Call Julie on 0778606 1567 to book your place,

Also coming in 2018;