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Simon Seals Publishing Deal By Signing American Contract.

It has been quite a week for Simon and his family as he finally realised a long time dream of signing a contract with a USA publisher. Waldorf Publishing of Texas offered Simon a very good contract for his dark novel I, Bully with some fantastic benefits including worldwide distribution, an audio version of the book, submissions to TV/Film companies and professional reviews. The company have also agreed to re-publish and market Simon’s flagship, the book that started his journey, From Bullied to Black Belt giving it even more worldwide exposure.

Simon said “ There is a wonderful intro by Bruce Springsteen for his song Save My Love. In it he tells of how he heard one of his songs on the radio for the first time when he was young. Stood on a street corner a car drove past and Spirit of the Night was playing. He described it as “One of the top ten moments of my life!” In a phone call from our American Publisher this week she said “Simon you can imagine walking into an American Barnes and Noble one day and see your books on the shelf.” She is going to make that happen! Now that WOULD be one of my top ten moments. Almost bought a tear to my eye when she said it.”