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Cheat.Whatever It Takes! Next Krav Maga Workshop.


Following on from the success of Krav Maga Workshop 2 at Fight Fortress this Friday 9th March, we are pleased to announce the date of the next one, “CHEAT! WHATEVER IT TAKES!” will take place at 6.30pm, Friday 20th April 2018 at the one and only Simon Morrell’s Fight Fortress Combat Academy. Full booking details to follow. #kravmaga #kravmagatraining #dirtyfighting #martialarts #fighting #fight #fighttowin #whateverittakes #karate #kickboxing #wrestling #unarmedcombat #selfprotection #combat #selfdefence #boxing


Krav Maga Workshop for March 2018

Our latest Krav Maga workshop is open to all over 15 years regardless of experience, grade or affiliation. The topic this time will be Third Party Protection (Keep Your family Safe!) based on Simon’s training in Executive VIP Protection, Close Quarter combat and his own real life experiences. The date of this course is Friday 9th March at 7pm, the venue Fight Fortress in Towyn, North Wales ( 2mile from Rhyl). Cost is 25 pounds for non-members and 20 pounds for members. Inbox to book or go online to www.simonmorrell.com  See the video below for a taster of what you can expect. Then book online using the Pay Now button.

Krav Maga Workshop (March 2018 Non-member) 7pm class.) £25.00

KM WS March 2018 payment

Krav Maga Workshop (March 2018 Member) 7pm class.) £20.00

KM WS March 2018 payment