When BAFTA Winner Geoff Thompson heard of Simon’s story he contacted him and encouraged him to put pen to paper. The result was the award winning, globally acclaimed book ‘From Bullied to Black Belt’ which has currently been scripted into a feature film.

Read below Geoff’s heartfelt and emotional introduction for the book.



Geoff Thompson BAFTA Award Winner, & Times Bestselling Author.

It is an absolute pleasure and an honour for me to write the forward to this splendid book for my very close friend Simon Morrell. A pleasure (first of all) because I love him and an honour because I am so proud of what Simon has achieved in his life.

I remember the first time I spoke to Simon on the telephone many years ago when he was still suffering with panic attacks that were managing to disable his whole life. He was so frightened at that time that even leaving the house became a war of nerves – usually the nerves winning the battle.

When I look at him now – an extremely happy, successful and brave martial arts Sixth Dan Black Belt running his own schools and fronting a successful business – it is hard to believe that this is the same timbering youth that trembled down the phone on our first conversation.

What I love about this book is not just the fact that it is extremely honest- it is and refreshingly so – rather it is the fact that the words and the author offer hope to anyone out there who is being held back by insecurity and fear. What Simon is saying is that if he can do it, if he can beat his fear and live a brave life, then so can you, so can anyone.

There is hope and there is honesty and there is inspiration in these pages that might prove lifesaving to any reader wise enough to be looking for answers and brave enough to use the information on offer.

The author of these pages is a brave man, I admire him so much that it is hard to articulate my feelings. This man not only overcame his terrifying fears of panic attacks he also – in his bid to become a better and stronger person – went on to face down a gang of drug dealers that were threatening to do unspeakable things to him and his family. He has had the courage to measure himself against the best by taking his Black Belts under some of the best Martial Artists in the world.

Simon is an ordinary man who has managed to achieve extra-ordinary things with his life and for that he should be commended. This book can offer you the inspiration to do the same.

Geoff Thompson

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