Welcome to our Pay Per Videos online tuition page where you can enjoy the benefits of all our Warrior Online Combat Training Academy videos without having to pay a yearly subscription.

To view the video of your choice simply click the Paypal link, complete your purchase and we will send you your exclusive URL. Follow this URL to your video. The video is then yours to keep forever.

Kickboxing Combinations 1-10. £2.95

Performed by Chief Instructor Simon Morrell, the 1-10 combinations utilise all stances and strikes for you to incorporate into your own training.

Kickboxing Combinations 1-10 payment

Kickboxing Combinations 11-20. £2.95

Our advanced Kickboxing Combinations are now available. Using all the kicks and punches, these combos are a must for your personal training.

Kickboxing Combinations 11-20 payment

Krav Maga Combinations 1-10 £2.95

Taking in all range striking including elbows, knees, kicks and punches, Krav Maga combinations are ideal for you, the Kravist to perfect or for any Martial Artist to practice.

Krav Maga Combinations 1-10 payment

All The Karate Blocks £2.95

Originally filmed for the book ‘Kia, The Karate Handbook’ this video shows all the blocks taken from Practical Karate. Suitable for adults & children.

Kia Karate, all the block payment

Karate Punches £2.95

Taking hand strikes from Karate and other disciplines, this is the perfect video to improve your punching skills.

Kia Karate, all the punches payment

Kicks for Karate £2.95

This clip draws from Simon’s favirote range, Kicking and takes from the most effective for of these strikes.

Kia Karate, all the kicks payment

Fighting Fit £8.95

The complete guide to fitness for combat. In this 35 minute film Simon talks you step by step through drills and exercise to get you in your prime. Suitable for non Martial Artists as well.

Fighting Fit payment

Knife Defense 1-4 £3.95

An often neglected part of Martial Arts training (usually due to lack of knowledge or experience), this is a ‘must do’ for sserious Combatants. Here Simon offers advice and tuition in the first four basic Knife Defenses taught at Fight Fortress. With Knife crime rising daily, this is a must.

Knife Defense 1-4 payment

Focus Padwork £3.95

Focus padwork is a must for all ranges/styles of fighting. In this videos Simon demonstrates striking whilst moving in and out, creating distance.

Focus Padwork1-4 payment

Kata/Forms 1-5 £3.95

Whilst no longer actively competing in Kata/Forms, Simon did have some success in the world of Traditional Karate performing such and still teaches them at Fight Fortress. He feels they are ideal for development of technique and co-ordination. Here are the first five Fight Fortress forms.

Kata/Forms 1-5 payment

Punching with Spite, Boxing Combos £3.95

Without doubt the most accessible range is punching. People will naturally raise their hands to both protect themselves and launch a counter attack. With an extensive background in boxing training, Simon shows here not only how best to punch for both power and targeting, but also with spite.

Punching with Spite, combos 1-10 payment

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