special offer! krav, kickboxing, boxing, pad work & knife defenses!

We are very please to offer this one of a kind 34 minute online video of tuition and drills in Krav Maga & Kickboxing combos, Pad Drills, Knife Defenses and Punching With Spite Boxing techniques.

These drills can be stand alone training drills or added to your own class lessons.

All demonstrated by 7th Dan Black Belt (BCA Krav Maga Defensive Tactics, Practical Karate & Kickboxing), Simon Morrell.

Only £25.00 (UK) pounds, available worldwide.

Use the pay now button below and the link will be sent direct to you to watch on any device.


There have been some issues with our GoDaddy site (technical) so if you are uncomfortable using the pay now button then please just email info@simonmorrell.com with your order and PayPal the funds to the same account.

Combat Drills Special Offer

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