After 38 years in Martial Arts with 26 of those years involved in teaching at both clubs and seminars, Simon Morrell has decided to put all his knowledge into the brand new and unique British Fighting Systems Association (B.F.S.A.)

If you are looking to start out on the path of teaching or already have a club/academy and are looking for a parent body to help you on the way then look no further.

We have benefits for you that no other association offers and we are able to do so because not only does Simon have vast Martial Arts knowledge, he is also an award winning, best selling author with massive media experience in both visual and written projects.

Read on to see how Simon and the B.F.S.A. can help you.



We offer the very best in insurance from Instructor Public Liability to Student One to One.

Recognition & Certification.

Your current Instructor/Dan Grades can be certified and recognised with us.

We can also if required, certify your current students.

We also certify all clubs that register with us.

Media & Marketing.

We have many years experience in the media world and can help raise your club’s profile and which in turns helps enroll new students.

From press releases to monthly marketing tips including posters and leaflets to reflect the current trends.

We will email you on the first of every month, promotional material for you to use as you see fit.

Social Media.

You and your club will receive regular exposure and promotions on all our Social media feeds including Simon’s own personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and blog plus the dedicated BFSA pages.

Online Training.

Instructors will receive (upon joining and whilst membership is current) free subscription to our Warrior Online Training Academy which contains video training films that can be used for your own training or to incorporate into your classes.

Currently there are over 20 videos on the site ranging from Krav Maga , Kickboxing, Weapons Defense, Fighting Fit Training and more, with new videos added monthly.

Lesson Planning.

If required we can send you monthly lesson plans to help you create great classes or to simply inspire you with ides of your own.

Syllabus Creating.

If you need help writing a syllabus or revamping your current one then Simon can help with this. You might like to incorporate a new range into your system. For example if you are a predominately striking style then you might like tuition into how you can add grappling or floor fighting into your classes.

With vast experience in all ranges, Simon is just the man to help with this.

Your Very Own Online Video Presence.

If you are interested in filming and developing your own tips and methods, then we can host them on our own website (Google ranked number 1).

We plan to have a dedicated page for BFSA Instructors to showcase their own talents and attract students from around the world.

Regular Seminars, Workshops & Instructor Training.

At Fight Fortress we hold regular seminars in all our systems. As a BFSA Instructor you are invited to attend and should you bring students with you we can arrange for you to train at a discounted price or even for free!

Simon is also available to attend your dojo/academy for seminars and we provide all promotional material to ensure your event is a success.

Regular Gradings.

We hold regular gradings at Fight Fortress for both coloured and black belt students. You would be invited to attend these gradings and if your test is successful you would receive your certificate signed by Simon.

Alternately if you wish to hold your own grading, the BFSA will recognise all gradings up to last brown (or equivalent) and provide pass certificates signed by Simon with a space for you, the instructor, to add your own.

The certificates are of high quality and professionally designed.

Club Listings in Simon’s Award Winning Books.

Something no other association can offer. Simon’s books sell worldwide in both paperback and ebook and are available on Amazon, Apple, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and anywhere youy can buy good books.

As a BFSA club you will automatically be listed in the club directory giving you and your club massive exposure.

This is completely unique and exclusive, available to BFSA clubs only.

One of One Video Chat and Help.

Should you require Simon’s advice, help or just a chat, then we can arrange a monthly Skype chat with him where you can air your views and seek the advice you need.

From Bullied to Black Belt Children’s Association.

As a BFSA club you will automatically, free of charge be affiliated to the children’s very own Self Defence Association. Simon’s From Bullied to Black Belt concept was the very first of it’s kind and was the platform that put Simon on the world stage.

It has been featured on the BBC, The New York Post, The Huffington Post, Martial Arts Illustrated, The Daily Mirror and many other mainstream media worldwide.

The FBtBB Children’s Association will have it’s very own videos, tips, camps etc and as a BFSA club you are automatically affiliated fee of charge!

This Is Just The Start!

We truly believe we are offering a membership so complete, original, honest and professional that nobody has ever offered anything like it before and we doubt they will be able to match it now!

So don’t delay! Call Julie now on 07484 331572 (United Kingdom) or email us and request your free, no obligation membership pack!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Krav Maga Instructor & Inspirational Public Speaker

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