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The Storyteller; Tales from Simon’s pen.

Simon has always loved writing. Since an early birthday when he surprised his parents by asking for a typewriter he has been a natural storyteller. His tales though, always have an element of fact attached to them. Be them the nitty, gritty stories of hardship and violence, or the inspirational words of overcoming adversity, you will always find something of Simon in his scribbles as he writes to help others overcome.

We will post regular Scribbles here but you can also visit Simon’s Amazon for more of his written work page here

Writer & Fighter Simon Morrell. Click the picture to buy his books.
Writer & Fighter Simon Morrell. Click the picture to buy his books.

┬áSimon’s latest article ‘The Best Way to Climb Everest?’ is available to read in full at Vocal Media.

Most of us have dreams, desires and goals. It is human nature to want to succeed but sometimes that success alludes us because we don’t prepare properly.

We rush toward our chosen ambition, we run doen the path and sometimes that is a good thing but usually it can be detrimental.

So make your plans and choose your goals wisely. My article on Vocal media may help you plan how.

Read ‘The Best Way to Climb Everest’? on Vocal Media here

Simon Morrell s the author of six books including his autobiography From Bullied to Black Belt. His latest book, a novel called I, Bully has been awarded a publishing contract by an American publishing house. He has written for/been featured by The New York Post, B.B.C., the Huffington Post and other worldwide media outlets.

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