whats going on in our world!

It is nice to see that after 38 years in the Martial Arts we (and I mean my team and I, not just me) are inspiring people through all our work, Martial Arts, books, videos, talks, online training, interviews etc.

Some people see what we do and introduce it into their own world, some adapt our stuff and make it fit theirs (good move) and some just out and out plagarise (that’s okay, at this time we will give them a free hall pass on that). Either way the more they do, the more people hear of us.

You can now train with us at Fight Fortress in North Wales, on a seminar at your location (available worldwide) or online at www.simonmorrell.com where we are one of the only ones offering genuine Practical Karate, Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Self Protection, Fighting Fit (doing so means training 7 times a week to bring you the best) and Fear Control from by a man Geoff Thompson called the Fear Control Authority.

You can also hear us on our up and coming Podcast series, Fighting Fear and see us on YouTube as well as audiobooks from Amazon, I,Tunes and Audible.

Our books are available in paperback and Kindle via Amazon, Barnes & Noble (USA), Waterstones (UK), Sony Books, Apple Books, Nook and many other fine outlets worldwide.

Phew, no wonder we are copied!

Enjoy the short trailer below and we welcome any questions, look forward to seeing you at our classes and welcoming you to our online academy, Warrior Combat.

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